Hundreds of new jobs for food delivery drivers in Jackson as COVID resurges

Hundreds of new jobs for food delivery drivers in Jackson as COVID resurges

FLOWOOD, Miss. (WLBT) - Resurging COVID-19 cases are prompting more and more people to eat at home, relying on food delivery.

While the news is not good, there is a bright side - more job opportunities in the metro area.

“If you really want to make this a full-time job you could really do that,” said Waitr’s Jackson Marketing Manager Jeff Blanco.

Thursday he was looking over one of the more than 125 job applications he recently received. The company is trying to fill 200 jobs now available in the Jackson area.

"This is great news for people who are looking for work because I know this is coming at a time that people are losing their jobs and that they are looking for some way to make ends meet," said Blanco.

During the noon lunch hour, Waitr driver Nokia Thompson stopped by the Flowood office for hand sanitizer and is rushing to his next delivery.

Company officials say there is a continuing demand from restaurant partners. The company currently employees about 400 drivers.

“You actually have more control over how much you make,” said Blanco. “We have drivers who go out, maybe they just want to make a little extra pocket money. We have drivers who go out and make a decent living with it.”

Drivers for the 200 jobs are vetted. You must have a valid drivers license, undergo a background check and have a clean driving record.

“We can get somebody on the road within 24-hours in some cases,” added the area manager. Most applications take two to three days for review and hiring.

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