As the pandemic lingers are Mississippians willing to take a COVID-19 vaccine?

As the pandemic lingers are Mississippians willing to take a COVID-19 vaccine?

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi has among the highest vaccination rates in the country thanks to its immunization laws aimed at school aged children, but could that translate into protection against COVID-19?

We took to the streets to get your reaction to your willingness to take a vaccine.

"I'm glad they're finally trying to come up with a vaccine for us," said Louis Gonzalez of Canton.

He is among the Mississippians eager for a vaccine which could halt the Coronavirus pandemic.

"There's always a concern you take a risk when something's new to come out, but then again you take the risk and get sick and possibly die. So you have to outweigh the concerns to see what's better for you," added Gonzalez.

Mississippi has high immunization rates among children due in part to state requirements, but will residents take a COVID vaccine currently being developed in labs?

“They’re gonna test it,” said William Wilks of Jackson. “I think that if it works, it’s good to take it. If not then they’re gonna do a trial on it anyway.”

"I'm concerned, but I think that people are anxious," said Jackson resident Lisa Byron. "They're getting ready. They want to have this vaccine and I think they're ready to try it, and I would try it".

Rising cases in Mississippi, across the south and nation are lessening the apprehension of trying a drug to prevent the disease.

“I would feel comfortable with anything to kind of help get us out of this slump and if it would keep the totals down,” said Evelyn Thomas of Jackson.

"The FDA will work enough trials to be sure it's safe," said Ken Cleveland who lives in Jackson. "Now there's always gonna be a few cases out there that might not go like we planned for them to, but I think for the greater good in this situation that a vaccine is absolutely necessary".

According to medical experts, a COVID-19 vaccine could be possible by early next year.

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