Hate it or love it: Shortage of coins due to coronavirus

Hate it or love it: Shortage of coins due to coronavirus

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Change makes our wallets heavy and jingles in our pockets. Maybe you’ve got a piggy bank filled with coins.

A nationwide coin shortage is impacting people and businesses in many parts of the country. Of course you can blame this latest issue on the coronavirus pandemic.

Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are among those pinching their pennies asking customers to pay in exact change or by card. You may have spotted signs at places like Starbucks, Wendy’s, and Dairy Queen.

There are couple of reasons for the shortage. One of the main ones is the economic shutdowns which significantly slowed the flow of coins through households, businesses and banks, according to the head of the federal reserve.

The US Mint also cut the number of workers at the two mints that make all the coins for the country to create social distancing.

Bankers don’t expect the shortage to be long lived. They say the mint should start operating again soon and the flow of coins will even out.

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