‘We don’t know what to do’: Days without water have Jackson residents pleading for help

‘We don’t know what to do’: Days without water have Jackson residents pleading for help

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It might not be a happy July 4th weekend for some families who say they have been without water for three days as of Friday.

Those living on Harvey Drive in Jackson are hoping city crews return and finish repairs so they can get some relief.

“We’ve been without water ever since Tuesday,” said Michael Ford. He said that’s when they noticed water pressure dropping at his home off Maddox Road.

The plumber contacted the City of Jackson the next day, hoping water would have been restored overnight.

Ford’s major concern is for his father who has stage four cancer and his mother and uncle who are both on dialysis. They live in separate houses on the street.

“It’s a pandemic going on right now and we really need this water, you know?” said Ford. “We need to wash our hands. We need to take a bath. So, we’re just at the end right now. We don’t know what to do.”

Others living on Harvey Drive reported that they’ve had low water pressure since Tuesday.

“They were working on the water system up on Highway 18,” said the frustrated taxpayer. “And ever since they’ve worked on that line we haven’t had any water”.

We reached out to the city for information. Communications officials said employees are not working because of the holiday but someone is looking into it.

Meanwhile the 56-year-old has been making several trips daily to assist his ailing parents and relatives.

“We’re just doing what we can. I’ve been going back and forth to the store buying water. Going to to friends house filling up pails to get water and bring it back home,” said Ford. “I’m just asking the city that if they would, could they please come out and check on us?”

The Jackson native said work crews were on Harvey Drive earlier in the day Friday, but residents were not told when water service would resume.

Editor’s note: Repairs were made on Saturday, after this story aired on WLBT.

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