Workers and residents still await opening of downtown grocery store

Workers and residents still await opening of downtown grocery store

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We revisited downtown Jackson where developers promised big changes and bustling business along Capitol Street.

Thousands of people work there daily, while hundreds now call it home. An eagerly anticipated grocery store has yet to open its doors.

“Hopefully they will get finished doing the work,” said Tammie Burns while on her break Thursday.

The downtown worker is talking about the Corner Market Grocery store that was scheduled to begin serving customers 10 months ago.

“The workers go out to different places and have lunch,” said Burns. “Some may not want to go to different places and get lunch and might want to walk to the grocery store and get food out of the grocery store. So, I believe that would be a blessing to the public.”

In February of 2019, Weinstein Nelson Chief Administrative Officer Addison Henry Senior said the 17,000-square-foot store would open inside the Landmark Center.

“The Roberts grocery store we’re gonna have up and running by September, then the construction for the residents will begin within the next 90 days,” said Henry.

Repeated calls and texts to Henry for an update have gone unanswered. The Roberts Company of Hattiesburg owns Corner Market. Calls to them for information have not been returned either.

The Landmark sits vacant, almost as it has been since 2012.

“I work near here, and I live near here,” said Patricia Melcher. “I would love it. I like Corner Market. I still go to the one over on Fortification, but I’d probably use this one too.”

“Downtown here there’s not a lot of places to eat or just get simple things like from a convenience store,” said Jackson resident Kevin Walker. “So, I do think a grocery store downtown, especially with the new lofts, will be a good idea.”

John Gomez with Downtown Jackson Partners said they have not heard from the developers on the situation.

When renovations will resume on the $36-million-dollar project is still up in the air.

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