Miss. residents sound off on social media on state flag changes

Social media viewers on state flag controversy

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Social media viewers are letting their voices be heard over the state flag debate.

Some support and some reject the idea of the removing the Confederate emblem.

Opinions on the Mississippi flag have been trending on social media for weeks and many are not holding back their feelings.

Robyn Tannehill tweeted, “This is an historic day for the great state of Mississippi. It’s an opportunity to tell the world we are moving forward and are stronger together. It’s always the right time to do the right thing.”

Beverly Dunbar Stone couldn’t agree more, she posted this message on Facebook saying, “Nothing will be forgotten by those who care about history, it’s time to get a new flag and a new start the right way.”

Tiffany Graves quotes Civil Rights Leader Fannie Lou Hamer, “And then went on to say Mississippi, the flag is a problem. Let’s not run away from it. Let’s face it and change it.”

But not everyone supports the change or the process; Edmond Jenkins said, “I am sure there are other pressing issues commanding the time and tax dollars of the Mississippi voters than rehashing an issue we decided on in 2001.”

Jerrie Whitten posted this message: “Not surprised but sad the governor is letting it go this far. Can’t believe 2020 has turned into such an awful place to live. I have always been proud to be from Mississippi not sure anymore. Breaks my heart.”

Anita Hammond said on Facebook, “so our vote don’t matter when it comes to the flag, it will come November when you’re looking for it. "

Venda Brown Hawkins kept her comment short by simply saying: “Welcome to the 21st-Century.”

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