JSU looks to make up for lost time once NCAA passes waiver

NCAA set to approve football practice waiver

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson State football players will be able to return to team facilities early on and July, and not long after that, they maybe will be able to step on the practice field.

In report on Monday from Sports Illustrated, the NCAA Football Oversight Committee is expected to pass a waiver this week that will allow coaches to interact with players in the second week of July, and will be able to begin team walkthroughs in the third week.

This potential move coming after the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out the entirety of spring practice and now both players and coaches find themselves having to change course in their preparations for the upcoming football season.

Back in April, JSU coach John Hendrick felt that players needed at least a six-to-eight week workout period before fall camp in August. While this revised schedule won’t buy that much time, it’s still a good start as teams look to return to some sense of football normalcy.

“The thing I most concerned about is their conditioning,” Hendrick said of his players. “Having to move or jump and coming off the ball real quick, those movements are important because that’s how you prepare your smaller muscles.

“I was really concerned about not having any time (before fall camp) because then you have to integrate that into your camp and your camp has to be different, and it’s going to be different.”

JSU players will be allowed to return to campus for voluntary workouts starting on July 6 and, if the NCAA wavier passes, Hendrick will be able to interact with them the following week.

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