“City With Soul” singer Teneia debuts her seventh album, “Black Empress”

“City With Soul” singer Teneia debuts her seventh album, "Black Empress"

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Folk-soul singer and Jackson native Teneia is debuting her seventh album titled “Black Empress” on Friday, June 5.

The album will be available on all music streaming platforms at 12 a.m. ET.

'Black Empress' by Jackson native and singer Teneia.
'Black Empress' by Jackson native and singer Teneia. (Source: Teneia)

Background of Teneia:

Teneia is a talented artist that has been singing since the age of six-years-old. She has led a successful singing career in which her work has been featured on HBO, Netflix, and several independent films.

Folk-soul singer and Jackson native, Teneia
Folk-soul singer and Jackson native, Teneia (Source: Teneia)

One of Teneia’s most prominent pieces, “Stand,” earned a placement in the HBO documentary “Prom Night in Mississippi” featuring Morgan Freeman.

Recently, she wrote and recorded the song “City With Soul (My City)." The song is an ode to the city of Jackson and it displays various scenes and historic sightings in the city and also features the Sonic Boom of the South.

The New Album, “Black Empress”:

Teneia said the name of her album was inspired by her desire to embrace her experience as a black woman in America.

“To have this album be done and finished, and to look at where we’re in the world right now, I think that ‘Black Empress’ to me is an album that is such a salute to myself as a black American, myself as a black female even. So to think of myself not [as] a queen, but an empress,” Teneia said. “It feels really good to be able to have this [album] out and share it with people, at a time that I think we need some black joy.”

Her album comes out during a time as protests and riots continue to happen across the nation in support of ending police brutality.

It is Teneia’s hope that when people will listen to her new album, they’ll receive the message of persevering through hard times.

“I would like for them to take away, [that] even if you go through something difficult, you know that we can all find little pockets of time to get through whatever we’re going through...we can find time to celebrate and be joyful no matter what’s being thrown our way,” Teneia said.

Like many artists, Teneia says that her artwork is “therapy” for her.

“Music is my therapy along with my therapy,” she said laughing. “It really is therapeutic for me. It’s a way to process my pain or to process my joy or to just feel good-it does all of those things for me.”

“I am so excited about releasing this album. This will be album number seven that I will have out into the world, and I could not be prouder of this album."

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