Vicksburg NAACP calling for unity, planning protest against police brutality

NAACP calling for unity amid protests

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - Rallying against racism and police brutally. Vicksburg’s local NAACP along with local leaders and community plan to do just that on Friday.

The move come in response to the death of George Floyd who died in police custody in Minneapolis. Some of the organizers say its time for an end to systemic racism.

“We got to put the laws on the books, we have to make fair for everybody, the playing ground needs to be even,”Vicksburg’s NAACP President Bobbie Morrow.

Morrow says it was disturbing to watch a white officer use his knee to pin down George Floyd’s neck to the ground for nearly nine minutes.

“Some police officers need more training. There is a sensitivity that needs to be developed within police offices to let them know even if this person is the worst criminal there is a way that person still needs to be treated because they are in your care. They don’t need to be murdered,” said Morrow.

Vicksburg residents Alvin Clark and Michael Bunch agree. They also point out that violence against black men and women in this country is nothing new.

“We are not an animal and that is how they want to treat us,” said Bunch.

“Our prayers go out to our brother Floyd and his family and everyone affected over the years by this racism,” said Clark.

They are pleased to see people around the world who are standing up against police brutally and racism, but they don’t condone the rioting and violence.

“The First Amendment gives us the right to exercise our freedom of speech."

"There is a right way to do things and a wrong way and the rioting is wrong and the protesting is right,” said Clark.

“We need to keep bringing attention to this issue. We need leadership that speaks to this issue, and we need leadership that is not self-serving, but someone who is genuinely concerned about the people,” Morrow said.

They say the best way for real change is to vote.

“If you are not voting, your voices are not being heard,” Bunch said.

“I vote if they are voting for a dogcatcher, go and vote cast your, vote for every election,” Morrow said.

To demand justice and equality for all, they are helping organize a peaceful city-wide march in Vicksburg this week.

Organizers say everyone is invited to help rally against racism and promote unity in communities.

Police brutality march planned in Vicksburg
Police brutality march planned in Vicksburg (Source: Vicksburg NAACP)

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