Holmes Community College prepares for face-to-face classes for the summer

Holmes Community College prepares for face-to-face classes for the summer

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Students returning to Holmes Community College in Ridgeland will see significant changes starting Monday.

Vice President Dr. Don Burnham said face-to-face classes will be offered at half capacity or less.

“So we have every other desk marked off so that there are 6 feet between desks in all directions so that we can keep that separation for these kids and keep them safe. We have sanitizing stands at every doorway entrance,” he said.

Masks are required. Signs are everywhere and water fountains are off limits. Bathrooms and desks will be cleaned between classes.

These are examples from a long list of safety measures to help keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.

“No one else will be allowed in the buildings other than students unless they have a need to go to the business office, financial aid or some specific purpose that would necessitate them being in a building. So, again, it’s part of the crowd control,” said Burnham.

Burnham said most students are taking online classes and he encourages them to keep doing so. The face-to-face classes are geared toward the students that need them.

“There are some students, a number of them, that require some science classes that have to have hands-on labs. And so, for that purpose, we said we need to meet our student demand here as much as you can if we can do it safely," said Burnham.

Students will not be able to congregate indoors, but can do so outside. Burnham hopes creating these changes now will provide a blueprint for their full reopening in the fall.

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