Miss. spay and neuter clinic handles dozens of appointments, reopens with new safety measures

Miss. spay and neuter clinic handles dozens of appointments, reopening with new safety measures

RICHLAND, Miss. (WLBT) - A veterinarian woke up kittens after surgery Thursday at the Big Fix Clinic in Richland. The clinic was closed for over a month because of the virus threat.

Shelby Parsons and other staff members are happy to be back at work.

“We were really lucky to get one of the small business loans. So we did not have to lay off any staff. Three of our staff people on the administrative side were still able to work. The rest of our stuff got a much-needed break. So we’re very thankful for that,” said Parsons.

With reopening comes changes. Visitors will have to wait outside before entering the building using a mask. They will also check in in front of a plexiglas, then bring their pets in through a back door.

“So, it’s a lot more steps than we’re used to and things move a little bit more slowly, but we want to make sure we can stay open. That’s the most important and that everybody stay safe,” said Parsons.

This time of year is breeding season for cats and dogs, adding pressure to the busy spay and neuter clinic.

“So puppies are being born, kittens are being born and the growth is exponential if you don’t stop it right at the source,” said Parsons.

“We have to get a hold of all the animals who didn’t get a chance to come in during the month of April when we are closed. And potentially all puppies and kittens that were born because of the fact that we weren’t able to spay or neuter those animals who otherwise would have been," Parsons explained.

The clinic normally offers a monthly transportation service for patients in Lauderdale, Pike and Warren County but for safety, the clinic has suspended that for now.

“But we are encouraging people to still come to our clinic with those animals and right now we’re working on finding more resources for low-cost spay and neuter in those areas,” said Parsons.

Parsons encourages pet owners to get their pet fixed to control pet overpopulation in the state.

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