Governor Reeves announces plans for Safe Return order to take effect June 1

Governor Reeves announces plans for Safe Return order to take effect June 1

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -All Mississippi businesses can soon reopen under the Safe Return order announced by Governor Tate Reeves.

Starting June 1, there won’t be any remaining statewide closure of businesses.

“There are no perfect options but freedom with risks is better than a prolonged shutdown that threatens livelihoods and lives through government action,” said Reeves.

The order will also change the numbers for gatherings. There are two different maximums depending on whether social distancing is possible. Where that distancing is possible, you can have up to 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors. But if there isn’t a way to socially distance, only 20 or fewer indoors and 50 or less outdoors.

“This is one way going into the summer that we can try to thread the needle which is how do we get businesses to reopen?" asked Reeves. "How do we get kids’ lives back to as close to normal as possible after literally three months of fighting COVID-19 while at the same time doing it in such a way that we can mitigate the risks? We are not going to eliminate the risks.”

Youth sports starting back games is one example Reeves gives.

“Fairly large baseball park, baseball field, you can line all the way around the field fairly easily and get 70, 80, 90 people… 70 fans if you would want up around the fences without people becoming closer than six feet apart,” added Reeves.

But again, these are guidelines and not one size fits all. Weddings and funerals, in particular, are events that Governor Reeves warns can be problematic.

“They don’t exactly lend themselves to social distancing," noted Reeves. "Because typically when you have a funeral you have the family that stands at the front that meets and greets every visitor that comes to pay respects to the fallen.”

Reeves has previously described that the heightened emotions of both funerals and weddings increase the tendency that folks might want to hug which would obviously be against social distancing guidelines.

This Safe Return order will take effect June 1 at 8 AM and last through June 15th when the Governor says they will re-evaluate.

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