Jackson Prep offering summer classes for students across the state

Jackson Prep offers summer classes for students across the state

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Coronavirus outbreak presents an unprecedented challenge to schools and their students across the state.

Jackson Prep is now offering summer classes for 6-9th graders to get them ready for the next year and the courses are not exclusive to their students, but to student’s across the state.

“A student when they go and feeling behind are not prepared, it can impact and start the year off on the wrong foot,” said Head of School; Lawrence Coco.

Jackson Prep leaders say they want every young person be ready to make the grade this next school year instead of playing catch up due to the pandemic. They hope their three week summer course will do just that.

“It's a camp that we are calling preparing for sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades,” said Coco.

"For many of our students they will have not been in school as they know school for five months when they start school in August. So this helps to identify where their foundation may be lacking, and some places where we can reinforce concepts and skills in Math and English, “ said Reta Haire; Incoming Head of Junior High.

The program starts June 22nd. It will combine remote and in-person learning. Due to Covid 19, Jackson Prep moved to remote learning.

The staff worked with the Google Platform to educate more than 750 children. Students interacted with the teachers and other classmates via video chats.

“We obviously want kids to be on campus but we want to take advantage of the remote learning platform,” said Coco.

Schools leaders say the summer courses are open to students from anywhere in Mississippi not just Jackson Prep Students.

“We have heard of some people who are anxious and afraid that their child didn’t finish the school year off as strongly as they would’ve liked for them to have finished the school year. So we just saw an opportunity to come alongside families in our community, not just our Prep community, but a wider community to offer some assistance to make sure both the parent and a student are ready to begin the school in the fall."

“We want to make sure we bridge that gap over the summer, so we can go in the new year and it’ll be an exciting time.”

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