Gyms use innovative approach to keep patrons and facility safe

Gyms use innovative approach to keep patrons and facility safe

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As businesses reopen across the metro they are taking extra steps to keep their customers safe.

In Fondren, management at one gym is innovative in their approach, giving members and especially employees a work out while staying safe during the pandemic.

"We're doing a complete sanitization of the whole gym," said Fondren Fitness General Manager Terry Sullivan.

From two to three o'clock each day the gym closes to go over all the equipment and surfaces.

Employees use a fogger filled with a disinfectant to spray down everything from weights and benches to machines.

“We think coming out exercising and being around other people responsibly is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health,” said Sullivan. “So we want to provide that service somewhere people can come in, exercise, build up their immune system, get out of the house and do it in as safe a manner as possible”.

"When the doors opened I knew automatically what to expect," said Lauren Luckey of Fondren.

Members, like Luckey, learned about the precautions the gym was taking on their social media page and were comfortable returning.

"When all this Coronavirus broke out them opening back up I had built trust with them," said Luckey. "They've proven themselves. I feel safe coming here because I know I can trust them".

Travis Foster of Byram works out about five to six days a week since the gym reopened.

“I really appreciate what they’re doing,” said Foster. “It goes to sow that this is a professional company that wants to make sure that not only are they doing what’s right, but they’re trying to make a statement for the customers. Really letting them know that they care about us”.

Employees and gym goers are also required to wear masks and have their temperatures taken. Customers also sanitize the equipment before and after each use.

Gym management recommends the fogging sanitization method for other businesses to help them maintain a safe and healthy environment.

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