Brandon congregation celebrates pastor who survived COVID-19

Parade held for pastor who beat COVID-19

BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - Praise and presents were delivered to a pastor on Saturday who beat the odds.

Church members paraded through Brandon for Pastor Perry Fletcher of Greater New Friendship Church.

“I must say I’m grateful that God chose me to go through it because it changed my perspective,” said Fletcher.

Pastor Fletcher spent 10 days fighting the coronavirus.

This parade was his first time out in public after spending a month, and a birthday, in quarantine.

“It was scary and I must say that it’s not the fact that you have the virus but it’s the uncertainty that you don’t know from one day to the next how it’s going to affect you, because it affects everyone different,” said Pastor Fletcher.

“I’m grateful that I had a wife, like I said earlier that didn’t have a Job’s wife spirit. She could have left me, but she didn’t. She stayed by my side and I think I did more praying during my sickness for her that she didn’t get sick,” he said.

Behind a mask, he smiled at his congregation as they drove by. However, Pastor Fletcher can’t forget what the virus put him through.

“I began to be delirious everyday. Couldn’t eat, nauseated. It was one of the worst things I ever went through. You know a few times I thought it was over. But when God said, I’m ready to bring you out, that’s when things started to turn,” he said.

Pastor Fletcher said his recovery shows that God is greater than COVID-19; “the word says that all sickness is not unto death.”

Fletcher wants others to remember that the pandemic isn’t over. He hopes his story reminds others to be safe and vigilant.

“Just be careful, just be cautious and think about the next person because you may be asymptomatic. You may not show any symptoms, but someone else immune system may not be built like yours,” he said.

“I know you want to go back to your normal life, but you got to be able to be satisfied and happy with yourself and make sure you stay alive for your family,” said Pastor Fletcher.

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