Attorney, Mayor Lumumba square off over handling of Jackson boy’s murder case

WATCH: Family discusses murder case of 11-year-old Jordan McCoy

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - An attorney for the family of Jordan McCoy accused Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba and Police Chief James Davis of lying about information in the Jordan McCoy murder case.

Jordan, 11, was killed in April when his apartment was sprayed with bullets while he slept.

The Thursday evening press conference was regarding an interview Mayor Lumumba gave to WLBT in which he said that an arrest had been made in the case.

Attorney Lisa Ross said that the police department never contacted McCoy’s parents to tell them of the arrest, which she says is against city protocol.

“The parents of Jordan McCoy have been waiting since the day their son was killed in his bed for the person responsible for his death to be arrested," Ross said.

She also said that what the mayor said was not true and that a murder suspect has not been arrested.

“We want the mayor to come out here and to publicly apologize to the family and to the City of Jackson," Ross said.

In that interview, Mayor Lumumba said that all he knew was that an arrest had been made. “That’s all that I can say.”

Attorney, Mayor Lumumba square off over handling of Jackson boy’s murder case

Lumumba also spoke at the press conference to say that in the interview, he did say that an arrest had been made but had backed away from saying anything further because he didn’t want to interfere in the case.

He said that there is someone who has been arrested on another charge and that there is strong belief from the investigation that the person is involved in McCoy’s death.

He says the police department is waiting for ballistic evidence to come back.

Lumumba says that if he has caused any hurt or confusion, he apologizes.

“There is no animosity, no problem with the family of Jordan McCoy,” Lumumba said. “What we have is an intent to do this correctly.”

Jonvonda Fields, Jordan’s mother, said, “I’ve been getting a run around. Like I said, saw that this morning and then two weeks ago the Chief told me that they had three suspects in custody.”

Chief James Davis says his department has been and will continue to work for closure for the family.

“To get closure, it must run its process," Davis said. "And we cannot have court on the front steps of City Hall.”

In the press conference, Lumumba also took a swipe at Ross after she hinted that a coverup is taking place.

He said it troubles him to see someone taking advantage of someone’s grief and that there are real people who are hurting behind her actions.

Ross then took the mic, saying that Lumumba could have cleared up the miscommunication by calling the media.

She said that, instead, the mayor, ‘his bodyguard,’ and the chief of police came out to ‘attack’ her.

Things escalated when Ross mentioned the mayor’s father, saying, “You know, Mr. Mayor, your father said ‘If you don’t love the people, you betray the people.’ And I learned a whole lot from Chokwe Lumumba and I’m here to say if you don’t love the people, you betray the people.”

Lumumba then began to walk to the mic but was held back as Ross asked, “How would you feel if you were the father of the child and the mayor got on TV and said an arrest had been made and there had not been an arrest, mayor?”

Mayor Lumumba would approach the mic once again and reiterate that once the results from the ballistics came back, he would report what was found. Also that there is still a suspect in custody at this time.

He also said that he is concerned to see someone exploiting the family and that her actions “demonstrate that it is more of a commercial than it is a true concern for the family.”

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