Gov. Reeves wants to see an investment in workforce training

Gov. Reeves wants to see an investment in workforce training

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Governor Tate Reeves is discussing the state’s next phase of rebuilding the economy and it involves getting folks back to work and with better pay.

More workforce training was on Governor Tate Reeves’ priority list for the federal CARES Act money early on. And now, he’ll ask lawmakers to put it on theirs.

“The reality is we should not be looking at plans simply to spend the CARES Act funds," said Reeves. "We must develop plans to invest the CARES Act funds.”

Reeves says many companies do on-the-job training tailored to their needs.

“For those employers willing to start employees at an attractive wage, frankly a wage that competes with these new federal unemployment benefits, I am proposing to partner with these companies and cover a portion of the wages during the on-the-job training period through the end of 2020,” explained Reeves.

As part of the way to achieve those goals, he’s appointing Patrick Sullivan as Chairman of the State Workforce Investment Board. Sullivan was most recently the President of the Mississippi Energy Institute.

“Prior to the coronavirus, the state of the economy was a number of employers out there looking for high skilled workers," explained Sullivan. "There just wasn’t enough of them. The supply of what we were producing in Mississippi, in a lot of cases, just didn’t meet the demand.”

Sullivan gave a rundown of some of the high demand jobs that also come with high paychecks.

“3-D printing, robotics programming, automation and controls, industrial maintenance technicians, precision manufacturing, getting down into the information technology… Coding, cyber security, network specialists,” listed off Sullivan.

Sullivan says he looks forward to getting to work and better informing Mississippians about the opportunities that are available.

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