Police see alarming uptick in motorists speeding down Miss. roads

Police seeing alarming uptick in motorists speeding down Miss. roads

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Since the start of COVID-19, local law enforcement say they’ve detected an alarming trend in our roads.

People seem to be driving at a higher rate more often. That’s led to more fatalities on our roads.

Master Sergeant Eric Henry has a collection of pictures in his phone documenting a strange phenomenon that started when coronavirus arrived.

Master Sgt. Eric Henry said, “We’re noticing that motorists are traveling in triple digits, which is exceeding over 100 mph... which is caused a high volume of accident crashes and a high volume of fatalities across the state.”

Clinton police have also seen an uptick in people hitting triple digits.

Sgt. Jason Hewlett of the Clinton police department said, “We had three wrecks back-to-back one involving a fatality. Speed played a factor in all. Vehicles are pretty much at 70 mph on 20 coming from Clinton. Vehicles were doing 80, 90, I was out there myself riding for 100 mph.”

Why it’s happening is still a mystery.

Law enforcement are devising strategies to slow the speeders down. Their increased presence will be seen in the roadways leading up and through the holiday weekend. Slowing speeders and saving lives.

Jason Hewlett said, “We want you alive we want you here we don’t want you out here running over this person and killing this person or hurting yourself.”

Don’t think you’ll just get off with paying a fine if caught speeding.

We’re told it’s also punishable with jail time for some offenders depending on the judge.

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