'Mississippi needed this’: Community shows support for ‘The Voice’ winner from Meridian

'Mississippi needed this’: Community shows support for ‘The Voice’ winner from Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WLBT) - Todd Tilghman is the latest winner of NBC’s The Voice!

The show is normally hosted in Hollywood, but the pandemic forced Tilghman to continue the competition from his hometown of Meridian.

“Once we were top five, it’s not that I wasn’t nervous at all. But I mean, you know, I was top five on The Voice and I just assumed someone else would win so I mean it was all good. I felt good about it,” said Tilghman.

Fans in his city united Tuesday night for a watch party - the excitement was heard loud and clear.

Tilghman’s win was important for him and his longtime friends like Brittany Crapps. She even drove her car with a picture of Tilghman on the back window to cheer him on.

“We needed this. Meridian needed this, Mississippi needed this. I mean, everyone needed this excitement in their life and it’s just great that it happened to be Pastor Todd,” said Crapps.

As he competed from home, Tilghman was able to continue pastoring at Cornerstone Church. He even used the church to record his live performances.

“Knowing Pastor Todd and the Tilghman family, I think this was much needed... it’s a God thing,” said Crapps.

Tilghman isn't sure of what's next for him, but he's looking forward to the journey.

“You know, I’m not crazy. I feel like life is going to change. I don’t know -- this whole thing has been super humbling for me," he admitted. "Like, I don’t know exactly how to receive it or how to handle it."

Todd continued, simply saying, “I’m just really grateful.”

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