Jackson pub stands behind ‘No Mask, No Entry’ rule after online criticism

Updated: May. 20, 2020 at 3:51 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Jackson pub is not backing down from their ‘No Mask, No Entry’ policy after receiving some negative comments online.

In the post by Fenian’s Pub, they wrote that the rule was not their own but that they are following the guidelines set by the City of Jackson.

The rule they are referring to, which is written in the city’s Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order, reads: Customers must wear face coverings (when tolerated medically and physically) when not seated at tables.

“Not our rules," Fenian’s wrote, “but we’re not against keeping you and our staff as safe as possible. We appreciate your compliance.”

The post continued, reading, “If you have any issues with these regulations, feel free to discuss with your elected officials. None of whom are employed at your favorite Irish pub.”

The rule did receive some negative feedback, with one user saying, “No coming. Thanks for nothing though. Hard to drink threw a mask.”

To this, Fenian’s responded, “ok.”

Another user asked, in part, “And what documentation is required to show that I have a medical condition?”

Fenian’s responded to this question by writing, “We’d... suggest that if you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask, that it’s probably best for you to not be out exposing yourself to a virus that affects your lungs.”

Others applauded the pub’s decision, with one man saying, “I think it’s great you’re opening and respecting the law and the need for it!”

Another woman said, “Thanks for doing the right thing, Fenian’s.”

The pub would reiterate that they are doing what they are required to do by state and local officials and that they are also trying to keep staff and customers safe.

They added that if anyone has an issue with the rule, “feel free to patronize any of the establishments that are apparently ok with violating the regulations.”

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