Coast mother returns home after battling COVID-19 for 60 days

Coast mother returns home after battling COVID-19 for 60 days
Jolene and Patrick Rosado waive to friends that are welcoming Jolene home. (Source: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) -After 60 days of fighting, Jolene Rosado is now finally free to leave the hospital— a moment that friends and family have waited to celebrate for months.

Outside of Jolene’s home, friends gathered and held signs, cheering on Jolene as she pulled into her driveway.

“This was a day we’ve all prayed for," said Jennifer Mizell. "To have her home, have her here comfortable with her husband and her child, words can not describe the feeling. They are just amazingly blessed.”

As the elevator doors opened for Jolene to head home, there was only one thing on her mind—her family.

“I think family is most important, especially when you are as close as the three of us. I mean literally, his license plate says ‘the three of us,’” said Jolene. “I mean we are one unit. So, this has been the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Jolene’s son, Giovanni Rosado, wanted this moment to be a memorable one and Giovanni is thankful that his mother’s friends were there to welcome her home.

“For her to know that they were supporting her any way that they could and that they were praying," said Giovanni. "It was just nice to be able to hold her hand again and be able to hug her and kiss her and get to be with her.”

Seeing Giovanni again has been Jolene’s motivation through her battle.

“Seeing my family is everything to me. They’re my reason for fighting, my reason for living," said Jolene. "This little boy right here, I tell him all the time he’s my heart and soul and I’m not kidding.”

Now Jolene is focusing on spending time with her family as she continues to recover.

“But I’m getting stronger every day, and I have these two right here to help me through it," said Jolene. "It’s been extremely tough and I don’t know how the families are doing it without being able to see their loved ones in the hospital.”

The Rosado family says a home healthcare service will provide physical therapy to Jolene to help her regain her strength.

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