Tattoo shops institute extra safety measures to reopen in new normal

Tattoo shops prepare to reopen

BYRAM, Miss. (WLBT) - House of Pain Tattoo Shop in Byram is preparing to reopen with a list of new safety guidelines and restrictions to follow.

Owner Frankie Bonze and his wife Mandy said it won’t be a problem.

“For sure, we’re going to be wearing masks. A lot of things that are on the new guidelines tattoo shops are already supposed to be doing anyway. Because there are other airborne and blood-borne pathogens that we deal with on a daily basis,” said Bonze.

Among the changes in this new normal, customers will have to consult for a tattoo virtually.

Temperatures will be taken at the door. There’s also a new extra health release form to sign.

“...We have an additional form now saying that they haven’t been sick within the past month, but they haven’t shown any signs or symptoms of COVID,” said Bonze.

Multiple artists will not be allowed to work together in one room.

Bonze said his shop plans on adding more safety measures to the required checklist to protect his customers and staff from the virus.

“We’re implementing UV lights in all the rooms. They can’t be run while someone is in the room because of radiation. But after people leave the room you run them for an amount of time and they kill all the germs bacteria in the room. In addition to that we’ve even incorporated HEPA filters. And we have HEPA filters in all the rooms. We was discussing changing the air conditioner vents and their filters more frequently and wiping them down,” he said.

House of Pain will not perform certain piercings, for now, which could hurt sales.

“Nostril piercings are probably one of the main things that I do a lot of. But I don’t think that they are safe for us to do or for the clients I have,” said Mandy Bonze.

Still, the couple is eager to get back to work; with safety being the top priority.

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