Gov. Reeves: ‘I made a mistake because I identified essential versus nonessential’

Gov. Reeves: ‘I made a mistake because I identified essential versus nonessential’

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Governor Tate Reeves is making changes to the Safer-at-Home order and it will allow another industry to get back to business.

Tattoo parlors around the state have been asking why they couldn’t open while watching other industries reopen.

Although the Safer-at-Home order doesn’t expire for another 10 days, the Governor is giving them the green light now.

“I don’t want to wait if there are things that we can safely do to allow people to return to work," said Reeves. "To that end, I signed a new executive order today that amends our current safer at home order. It allows tattoo parlors to re-open with health guidelines that are very similar to those for salons and barbers.”

A few other changes that will impact outdoor activity.

“Things like allowing local entities to decide curfews on parks," noted Reeves. "Lifting curfews on dining restaurants that do not serve alcohol and ending the prohibition on fishing tournaments.”

We asked Reeves about the complexities of figuring out what industries reopen and what the best practices should be once they do.

“Those are the details that take time... and it’s better to get it right than to get it done quickly but my goal is to get it done quickly and right for the people who need it," said Reeves.

There’s no playbook for this. He made this admission.

“We made a mistake," Reeves said. “I made a mistake. I made a mistake because I identified essential versus nonessential. There is no such thing and I’ve learned this. I’ve learned a lot but I’ve learned this over the last several months. There is no such thing as a nonessential business to the business owner and the employees that depend on that business being functional and operational and paying them so they can provide for their family.”

Governor Reeves again stressing the trust he’s placing in the people of Mississippi to take on personal responsibility as more reopens.

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