Going back to the gym could look different but goals are the same

Updated: May. 14, 2020 at 11:42 PM CDT
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BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - Chris Bowden of Brandon had one thought when he heard his gym, The Club, was finally opening back up.

“Hallelujah. Yeah. Hallelujah,” he said with a smile.

When Gov. Tate Reeves said gyms could reopen, The Club followed the Health Department and CDC's guidelines on how to do it the safest way possible.

That included getting rid of the towels, marking out spaces six feet apart in group fitness classrooms and even at the swimming pool, disabling alternating pieces of cardio equipment to maintain the distance.

Employees must wear masks at work, and a new sanitizer made stronger for coronavirus has been brought in.

“I would say if you’re at home and you’re not coming back to the gym, do something at home to keep up that routine because if you get out of it it’s hard for any of us to get back in,” said Landon Stroud, general manager at The Club.

Marlena Law, getting in her time on the treadmill, said not being able to work out wasn’t great for her mind and her mood.

“It puts a damper on your lifestyle, depression, mentally messes with your mind. So this has lifted my spirits up and I feel like I’m back to normal again,” she said.

Some people expected the gym to be packed bouncing back from the strict self-quarantine guidelines, but Stroud said some patrons are still playing it safe.

“We do have some new memberships, but, for the most part, people are staying home. I’d say we’re seeing about 50 percent, maybe even less than our normal crowd,” he said.

But for some, going back to the gym is like coming home.

“I love The Club. It’s kinda like a family," said Bowden. "There’s not a lot of riff-raff. Everybody’s here to work out.”

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