Accused cop killer denied bond in Brookhaven during Police Week

Flowers given no bond during police week

BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WLBT) - “The motion for bail should be denied. Thank y’all,” said Judge Mike Taylor after hearing from both the prosecution and the defense on whether or not Marquis Flowers should be given bond.

Officers from several departments stood against the walls at the Lincoln County Courthouse as Flowers’ attorneys asked for bond for the man accused of killing Brookhaven police officers James White and Zach Moak in September of 2018.

Taylor recessed for about 30 minutes before returning to deny Flowers’ bond.

In the courtroom was Lawrence County Sheriff Ryan Everett, who at one time was White’s partner on patrol.

“James was one of those guys that if you were fighting in a ditch, all you had to do was hold on for a little while because it would be momentarily that just very soon he would be there,” Everett said. “Partnerships in law enforcement are just like family bonds, everybody becomes extremely close, and it takes a part of you that you’ll never get back.”

Detective Penny Banks and Administrative assistant Shauntinae Mullin sat in front of BPD on Wednesday, decorating the memorial to Moak and White.

“It’s like it left a void with the guys being taken from us you know the way it happened. It’s hard,” Mullin said.

Lincoln County Deputy Alica Warren went through the part-time training academy with Moak and she said that she didn’t expect Flowers to receive bond, but that the last year and a half has been hard for her without her friend and confidant.

“It’s been very very difficult. I still look at my phone sometimes and want to throw it across the room because I want it to go off from him,” she said. “But it’s not. It’s not ever going to go off again.”

So as the state remembers police week, it would seem a courtroom in Brookhaven put that memory into action today.

“But they did do their job. They protected, and they did serve. And they did it very well,” said Banks.

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