Jackson businesses will reopen May 15 with restrictions

Jackson businesses will reopen May 15 with restrictions

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba held an “emergency press conference” Friday afternoon on COVID-19.

Lumumba says the city of Jackson has a low rate of infection compared to cities of a similar size in the United State.

However, he says the governor’s decision to reopen things within the state has caused some confusion and other issues.

Therefore, the City of Jackson will open with restrictions at the end of the mayor’s current stay at home order on May 15. he did not specify what those restrictions will be.

He says with other cities reopening all around Jackson, that makes the stay at home order more of an idea than a practical solution.

He worries that having businesses all around open but not in Jackson harms those businesses in the long run. He compared Jackson to an “island” in the middle of cities with reopened businesses, and said he did not want to continue on as that island.

Lumumba said he feels the governor’s actions have his has tied and he has to make the decision to safely reopen.

He said he still feels its in everyone’s best interests to continue to be mindful of social distancing and staying at home more often.

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