'I have to do what I believe is right’: Gov. Reeves extends safer-at-home order, reopens salons, gyms

'I have to do what I believe is right’: Gov. Reeves extends safer-at-home order, reopens salons, gyms

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi is set to reopen some more industries, including some that many of you have asked about: salons and gyms.

But the Governor’s Safer-at-Home order is being extended by two weeks. And as more reopens, state leaders are emphasizing the need for personal responsibility.

A shift in strategy is how Gov. Reeves described the latest announcement. He reiterated a point he’s made on several occasions that he doesn’t think shutdowns are sustainable.

“We’re reaching the point where the damage to these families is as disastrous as any virus. I have to do what I believe is right,” said Reeves.

He is extending the Safer-at-Home order for two weeks but allowing salons, barbershops and gyms to reopen beginning Monday morning at 8:00 with specific guidelines and restrictions.

“Let’s all be honest, it is not because there is no risk associated with you going there," noted Reeves. "There is risk every minute that you leave your home.”

Reeves also making a plea for Mississippians not to take these steps as a sign to throw the doors open and cast all cares aside.

“The virus is real," Reeves explained. "It is a threat. It is deadly. Do not believe those voices which tell you there is no danger. There is true danger—for all of us.”

Still, there is some recognition that the virus is spreading more in some parts of the state.

“We cannot take a sledgehammer to the surgical process," said Reeves. "We need to be surgical in our responses. Dr. Dobbs has been talking over the last several days about the 10 to 12 counties where they have the most cases and of course the five or six counties that have really large number of cases on a per capita basis. We’ve got to recognize that.”

Reeves saying to ‘stay tuned’ when asked about whether those counties may have specific restrictions.

If you’ve been wondering about any other specific industries, here’s what we can tell you. If they’re currently closed, they’ll stay closed for at least another two weeks because of the safer-at-home order being extended.

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