People revive their night lives as some area restaurants open back up

People revive their night lives as some area restaurants open back up

RANKIN CO., Miss. (WLBT) - At Boots & Badges Bar & Grill on Old Fannin Road in Rankin County, the stove was on from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday night.

Co-Owner Cathy Black says they’re doing a soft opening so they can make sure they’re making the best move for their patrons.

“For us it’s also that same thing of being cautious, we want to be careful, we want to do things the right way so we’re going to open up slowly at first,” she said.

For some, going out was a much less measured occasion. Nikki Duette and her friends, she said, couldn’t get to El Portrillo in Brandon fast enough.

“The ones that are working we’re having to wait to get off work, but they’ve been on the phone all day texting, Facebook-ing about ‘I can’t wait to get there, I cannot wait to see everybody, I’ve missed everybody,'” she said.

Jesse Davis, like Duette, was at Pelican Cove on the Reservoir with a group of friends who were focused on one goal:

“Just hanging out, getting back out into the crowd,” Davis said. “I’ve been so mad that I could not come and eat at a restaurant or anything for so long that I’m just ready to be out here.”

Maybe, Allison Walker and Josh Smith said, we've taken a lot of things for granted in the past.

“Someone brings you the drink, you don’t have to make it at home yourself,” Walker said, to which Smith added, “Yeah, definitely, and we’re aware that some places aren’t as lucky as Rankin county, Jackson maybe, can’t get out, so we’re fortunate.”

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