Gyms taking major hit by coronavirus outbreak with no relief in sight

Updated: May. 6, 2020 at 11:17 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Gym owners across the metro-area are fearing the damage another week of no business could bring.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, people hit the gym looking to blow off some steam.

“It is a release, whether that be the daily stresses of life or daily problems,” said frequent gym-goer Dylan Gregory.

Or focus on their fitness goals and physical health.

“I am doing what I can at home, but I miss being in here,” said another frequent gym-goer Don McNeely.

Ever since Josh Hall, managing partner with Anytime Fitness, shut their doors, the past few months have been filled with fear, uncertainty and stress.

Hall says he had no idea his business would be impacted this much and now fears what the future may hold if they don’t open their doors soon.

“It has been frustrating," he said. "We can implement safety guidelines to make sure our staff and members are safe the whole time.”

Not only that, Hall fears the lack of social interaction and comfort the gym can bring could have other consequences.

“We worry about the mental health of our members. The longer we can’t support them on a daily basis in person how are they doing truly?”

“Some people do not have any other escape. They do not have any other mental break. Kids, jobs, that is all done at your house right now and there is no getting away from it,” said Gregory

”As much as it is physical, I think mentally it is a big thing,” said Mcneely.

And even though Anytime Fitness offers free workout plans online, many say they look forward to picking up the weights again someday soon.

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