Consider This: Thank You, Nurses

Consider This: Thank You, Nurses

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Being a nurse is a special calling. Each year we celebrate this group of healthcare providers during National Nurses Week.

This year, this week, recognizing these dedicated servants is even more significant as they are truly on the frontlines helping fight this battle, providing care and support for the families impacted by this terrible virus.

Many nurses have shared how difficult it is to deal with this situation day in and day out. It wears on them; physically and emotionally.

I cannot begin to imagine how mentally taxing it must be to walk into that environment, not knowing what challenges you are going to experience and not knowing when it will end.

Know this. You are appreciated. What you are doing matters. Your ability to take care of these patients, to be the conduit between the person in the hospital bed and the families who cannot visit, to be that caring counselor is so very important.

Thank you for your commitment to serve, for your compassion and your kindness. Being mentally strong and emotionally strong are two of your most defining characteristics. And that is just one reason we salute all nurses this week and why you are without a doubt… Mississippi Strong.

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