‘We are still in the heat of this battle,' Reeves says in push to reopen Miss.

Reeves: “We are still in the heat of this battle.”

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -More of Mississippi gets set to reopen as state leaders look to get the economy back on track.

All the orders, restrictions and guidelines can get confusing at times but Governor Tate Reeves is making it clear that he doesn’t want you to let your guard down.

“We are still in the heat of this battle,” said Reeves.

So what’s the fine line between reopening and folks not tossing those guidelines out the window?

“We are moving towards removing government decision making for individuals," explained Reeves. "That does not remove individuals responsibility to act appropriately knowing that there is still a virus in many communities throughout Mississippi.”

That’s putting the ball in your court. For Reeves, he says there are some life lines that need to be extended.

“We’ve got to open some of the restaurants to give small business owners hope," added Reeves. "We’ve got to find a way to get help to our barbers and salon operators and those who work there. We’ve got a find a way to give them hope. Find a way to get them open and we’re working hard every single day to do just that.”

The other piece in the domino effect is a mental health impact on fixing the state. Again, a lifeline of sorts is being extended in the form of re-opening parks.

“There are a lot of people struggling right now," Reeves said. "There are a lot of people right now who were trying to figure out do. I have hope. There are a lot of people who need, who might could just simply go to a park and walk around and get some sunshine. That in and of itself would move them in a much better light.”

Some of those potential small business solutions will be debated by the legislature when they return Thursday. There’s still no resolution in that power struggle over spending authority for the federal money.

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