Catching up with St. Jude patient Londyn

Catching up with St. Jude patient Londyn

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We first met Londyn and her dad Justin more than a year ago. She was six years old at the time and was undergoing treatment for stage four, high risk neuroblastoma.

But she’s doing so well today! Still with her dad by her side, she got to reunite via technology with a friend she recently met, Austin Luther, a bass player for the band King Calaway. The two met at the St. Jude Heroes Virtual Run.

“I hadn’t really grown up knowing a ton about St. Jude and so when I moved to Nashville, and really got to be a part of it, it draws you in,” said Austin.

Londyn took on the role of a TV news reporter as she and her dad Justin called via Zoom for a 1-on-1 with Austin.

Londyn and her dad hopped on a Zoom call with her friend Austin.
Londyn and her dad hopped on a Zoom call with her friend Austin. (Source: WLBT via St. Jude)

“What made you want to be a St. Jude Hero?” asked Londyn of Austin.

And what made this rockstar guitarist want to run a marathon? Londyn got the scoop on that too.

“I’d never run more than 10 miles at a time so when I decided to kind of tackle this, I really started pushing it,” said Austin.

And that’s not all Londyn wanted to know. She even went on to ask Austin what his favorite and drink was.

Austin says sweet potato fries and grape juice are the perfect fuel for him.

But when she asked him what his favorite movie was...

“Have you ever heard of Nacho Libre?" asked Austin.

And then there were crickets...maybe Austin should have said Frozen.

Londyn and her dad wrote a song sharing a special message to St. Jude and all of its Heroes.

“This song that I wrote it’s called thank you. Today, for guys like you man, we wouldn’t have been able to roll into St. Jude and St. Jude to help us out,” said Justin. “I’ve been off of work for the past six weeks because of this whole thing. If it wasn’t for St. Jude and people like you, man, I wouldn’t have gotten the time to spend with her like this because we would have for sure lost her. And we love you, and we thank you for that.”

And Austin spread the love right back to the daddy-daughter duo.

“I love you guys too, I love St. Jude so I’ll always be there man, happy to help,” he said.

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