McComb homes, businesses damaged by EF-2 tornado Wednesday night

McComb homes, businesses damaged by EF-2 tornado Thursday night

MCCOMB, Miss. (WLBT) - In Pike County last night, 20 homes were damaged in the city of McComb alone by what turned out to be an EF-2 tornado.

Mien Nguyen and Quien Le were home Wednesday night when an EF-2 tornado rumbled down Veteran’s Boulevard damaging homes, businesses and breaking strong trees like toothpicks.

On Thursday they sat in their yard surveying the damage.

“There was a tornado that came through our house last night, and everything happened so fast you couldn’t really do anything,” said their son, Mark Pham.

As fast as it happened, when it was over there were trees on the house and even coming into the house. It was like that in several houses on the street. Power lines were down too.

That left Mien Nguyen and his family without power as crews tried to undo the damage of a tornado that packed 115 mile-per-hour winds.

“Fell over there, it’s strong,” said Mien Nguyen, pointing to the tree.

Quien Le indicated that the tree had not only fallen on the house, it had broken the roof down to the ceilings, where water had come in and soaked the kitchen table and the floor.

EMA Director Richard Coghlan told us that, so far, the damages tallied only represent the city of McComb, but tomorrow crews will evaluate the rest of Pike County.

In the meantime, Mien Nguyen and his family are just grateful that tree wasn’t a little taller and didn’t fall a little different.

“If the tree were longer over there, we die,” Nguyen said.

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