Consider This: Sync the state and federal tax deadlines

Consider This: Sync the state and federal tax deadlines

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Wednesday was April 15th. That day is not the most popular date since it is the traditional deadline for filing taxes. Due to COVID 19, the federal government moved its deadline to July 15th.

Mississippi also moved the state tax filing deadline to May 15th. State leaders say Mississippi can’t move the deadline to match the federal deadline because of the impact it will have on the state budget.

Everyone is adjusting their lives and state leaders could make an exception this year and adjust the fiscal year deadlines so Mississippians could file state and federal taxes at the same time.

Having a separate deadline for state and federal tax filings is confusing and could create an extra burden for Mississippians who are already suffering.

State leaders need to reconsider the May deadline, figure out a way to shift the state fiscal year deadline and budget for this year only, and get in sync with the federal tax deadline.

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