Gloves, masks littering local parking lots could make pandemic worse

Gloves, masks littering local parking lots could make pandemic worse

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Items used for safety like masks and gloves are becoming a hazard. Experts have said it could set back our progress in the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday in Jackson, gloves were found on walkways outside of major store fronts. They were also found discreetly dropped under parked cars.

Customers in Jackson said they are grossed out by the new, colorful litter.

“I think we need to do better. What’s the point of us finally being able to get out of our houses and get back out, and all we see is trash on the ground?” asked one customer waiting to enter Joann’s Craft Store.

The City of Jackson said it’s up to plaza owners to pick up the gloves and keep their parking lots clean.

However, retail workers say the clean-up task falls on them at closing time.

“Where there’s garbage there’s bacteria and disease, vermin and whatever else is roaming around. And I mean, that’s not cleanly at all," said another customer.

Once you remove your gloves, throw them in your nearest garbage can. Otherwise, wait until you get home to throw it out.

“Kind of an oxymoron. You’re so concerned about your health and sanitary -- sanitizing your hands and everything and catching something in the air, yet you don’t think twice about throwing something on the ground," said a customer.

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