Consider This: Support Local

Consider This: Support Local

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - One of the things we can do during this crisis is support our local businesses. There are local businesses facing their biggest challenge ever and if we expect them to return to operation after we get through this, we must support them now.

Many businesses are operating differently than they ever imagined. If you are able, support those local businesses. Order meals each week from local restaurants. And even though it will be pick-up or delivery, when some people choose not to give a tip in normal times, in this situation please remember those servers and delivery people who are struggling right now. Giving a tip makes a big difference.

And if you can, try to find that out-of-state online product at a local store. There are also positive things you can to without spending any money. Share a smile, say hello or simply offer a friendly wave. We’re the Hospitality State; let’s act like it.

One thing we are doing at WLBT is creating a one-stop-spot for everyone to find the businesses that are open, how they are operating and what options are available in your community. We want every business in Central and Southwest Mississippi to sign up… IT’S FREE! It doesn’t matter if your business is in McComb or Magee, Morton or Madison, Ridgeland or Richland… you get the idea. We want all businesses to list their information… that includes the butcher, baker, candlestick maker… and any other business in WLBT’s coverage area.

CLICK HERE to visit the site.

We encourage everyone to use this site. The more we use it, the more beneficial it becomes. It’s free for businesses and customers. It’s just one small thing we are trying to do to help our local businesses and the communities we serve through these challenging times.

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