UMMC opens mobile clinic for respiratory patients

UMMC opens mobile clinic

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Health officials are creating new ways to treat patients among the COVID-19 outbreak.

At U.M.M.C. they’re transferring some services to a parking garage.

UMMC mobile hospital
UMMC mobile hospital (Source: David Kenney)

Keeping COVID patients separated from other patients is high priority.

That’s why now they’ve built a clinic in the bottom of a parking garage to assist respiratory patients.

Dr. Johnathan Wilson said, “The set up in our clinic, everything is spread out you have dividers between the patients. We have disaster hospital beds. Y’all see we’ll have mobile X-ray, a point of care lab. A full lab for blood draws if appropriate, as well as oxygen should a patient require it.”

This clinic will help ease pressures on their emergency room and physicians where they want only the most vulnerable COVID patients, avoiding the spread of coronavirus.

Dr. Alan Jones said, ”What we would like to do is avoid that cold mingling because you do know there is infectious disease that is carried in respiratory droplets and there’s a potential for contamination when you have a patient with COIVD and Non-COVID in the same area.”

Some patients could be seen in the mobile clinic but only those with mild symptoms.

All patients will be pre-screened and given appointments through telehealth referrals.

About 24 patients can be seen in the mobile clinic when it’s fully staffed.

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