Locals join fight against coronavirus by making masks for healthcare workers

Locals join fight against coronavirus by making masks for healthcare workers

CLINTON, Miss. (WLBT) - Healthcare workers around the country are dealing with the shortage of personal protective equipment while they work to save lives.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi State Health Department recommends healthcare workers wear surgical masks at work at all times.

"This is like World War II where everyone had to pitch in and do whatever they can do,” Clinton Body Shop Owner John Mosley said.

The fight is on to stop the spread of COVID-19 and Clinton Body Shop owner John Mosley has joined the fight by making free masks to help medical professionals. He is using supplies in his shop do it.

“We use this paper towel in our paint shop, it is a spunlace material. It is a real nice, tough paper towel and we found out it has some excellent sewing characteristics.”

Mosley is working with a group of friends to sew the durable, lint free masks. He has already donated more than 300 to local doctors, nurses and caregivers.

“We start with the sturdy paper towel, we pleat it and we sew the elastic ear bands on. You have good protection from the environment or anyone who made be coughing."

Over in Fondren, Janie Clarke has teamed up with the First Presbyterian Church “Sew-in-Sew” group to also provide face-coverings for those working to help sick patients.

“We are making medical masks with repurposed fabric out of wrappings from surgical equipment that go into the operating room and these can be sterilized and reused multiple times," she explained.

Clarke also encourages residents to wear masks, especially with the CDC advising that everyone should wear nonsurgical cloth face coverings when they go out in public.

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