Eagle Lake businesses battle backwater flooding and coronavirus outbreak

Warren County residents battle coronavirus and backwater flooding

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Stan Thibodeaux’s fishing guide service is temporarily closed.

“I’ve cancelled 17 services and recently, this passed week alone 3," he said.

With the threat of coronavirus, Thibodeaux doesn’t want to risk getting a client or himself sick.

“I do have opportunity now to guide with one person but I’m staying secluded. By myself, don’t care to have people from out of town, out of state. Coming to visit and exposing me to it possibly," said Thibodeaux.

Then there is the issue of backwater flooding in the area. It is caused by downstream conditions and main channel backups that spill over into the community.

Several roads were closed and the flooding issue has also kept visitors from traveling into the area.

”The people not wanting to make the extra hour, hour-fifteen minute drive to get to and from the lake right now. It’s hurting the businesses here tremendously as well. Because this time of year, especially spring and summer is kind of like Florida or the coast line. It’s the booming part of their business," said Thibodeaux.

He said between the flooding and virus threat, there might not be much left for his neighborhood or business.

“We’re losing our community. And it’s a great place to live. Quiet, friendly place to be but who wants to fight the extra hour, hour and a half every time the water goes up and then fight rebuilding every time the water comes up," he said.

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