Clinton police on the road, enforcing state’s shelter-in-place order

Clinton police on the road, enforcing state’s shelter-in-place order

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Today marks the beginning of the Governor’s shelter-in-place order, and police departments are an important part of making sure people abide by it.

Walmart and other stores around the metro area were packed Friday, and in Clinton, Patrolman Jonathan Blankenship kept order at the store.

“Right now we’re just riding through the Walmart parking lot here, and other essential stores, grocery stores, Krogers, making sure everybody’s acting right, abiding by the standards here during shutdown,” said Blankenship.

Since the government started recommending safety measures to fight against CoViD-19, the City of Clinton has encouraged its residents to take precautions.

“We’re just asking people to self-enforce, and if everyone self-enforces, we will all be better for it, even our policemen and our firemen," Jones said.

Once the deadline passed, Clinton police took to the streets.

“We’ll be out enforcing more, making sure that everybody’s at home where they’re supposed to be, going to and from the store, taking care of loved ones and whoever might need a little extra attention, but other than that everybody, be home, be safe,” Blankenship said.

Jones said just don’t gather in places or numbers that aren’t allowed.

“We’re going to be affecting traffic stops as necessary, we’ll be removing groups that are too large and aren’t in accordance with the order. But if you don’t have to be out, we’re going to have a keen eye on you,” he said.

Jones encourages people on behalf of the City of Clinton to stay home not just because police are working, but for safety’s sake.

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