Hinds Co. closes most public buildings while still conducting essential business

Hinds Co. closes most public buildings while still conducting essential business

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - While Hinds County leads the state in coronavirus cases, Hinds County officials have announced their efforts to comply with the governor’s executive order to shelter-in-place.

Supervisors and other officials are urging the public to cooperate to quickly help end the virus’s spread.

"It's somewhat inconvenient, but I understand," said Alicia Guice while standing outside the Hinds County Tax Collector's Office.

The Jackson resident half heartedly expected she wouldn’t be able to get her Hinds County tag when she went to purchase it Thursday.

Supervisors have closed all county buildings except the chancery clerk and court system.

“I kinda figured with the whole coronavirus thing that they would be closed, and I just came by to check and see and sure enough they have a notice on the door,” said Guice. “So what I’ll end up having to do is go online”.

All tags and property taxes will have to be paid for online also. Non-essential county employees are asked to stay home.

Worker payroll has been completed and efforts are underway to pay vendors.

"Unless you meet the criteria for being outside, please remain at home. It's very simple," stressed District 1 Supervisor Robert Graham.

County leaders are urging residents to adhere to mandated guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sheriff Lee Vance said Hinds County could be the first in the country to rid itself of the virus if the public cooperates.

According to Vance, there are no reported cases of the virus in sheriff’s department employees.

“Nor have we had any cases reported in any of our three detention facilities. So thank God for that,” said Vance.

County leaders urge all residents to remain at home, not to gather in groups, practice social distancing and proper hand washing.

“This coronavirus is no joke. It’s nothing to play with,” said Distrit 5 Supervisor Bobby “Bobcat” McGowan. “Please ma’am, please sir, let’s take it seriously."

County offices will remain closed through April 20th.

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