Many struggle to pay bills as businesses close due to coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Apr. 1, 2020 at 11:00 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Thousands of Americans are faced with the harsh reality of losing their jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down businesses leaving many struggling to make ends meet.

“I believe in working hard for what you want in this world. To take that away from me, I am lost. All I know how to do is work.”

A month ago Michael Moore had it all, working as a Security Enforcement Officer and running two small businesses on the side.

But then the pandemic hit… and Moore fears life may never be the same.

“All calls for my cleaning service came to a halt. Nobody comes to my boxing gym anymore, basically in a months’ time all my income stopped.”

With little money coming in, bills piling up, and a family to support Moore says right now they are completely reliant on his savings.

“I thank God every day I had enough common sense to put some money up but I am not rich. I am not a millionaire. It will eventually run out.”

Moore says he has been trying to file for unemployment for over a month, and with no success he has finally called it quits.

“Even if there is a link you can fill out and put your info in, it will still direct you to the same numbers. There is no phone number you can reach anyone at. Myself and several people have been calling for over a month.. and there’s no way to sign up. I have wasted a lot of focus everyday wasting time and trying to reach them.”

With phone lines backed up and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security’s website overwhelmed… he is just one of many Mississippians reporting they are unable to get financial help.

“I am like most Americans. I have a car payment. I have lights and bills, two businesses. It is trying times right now. I don’t really see any hope.”

The only thing that is giving Moore hope:

“I put my faith in God.. you know I have been through a lot of bad situations in life and he always brought us out of it.”

Through these difficult and uncertain times many are facing… Moore is choosing to be thankful for the things he still has.

“At times like this it could be easy to reflect on the hardships of life.. but I’m just thankful for life itself right now.”

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