MDOT: We’re not closing down interstates

MDOT not shutting down roads

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - You can find things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and medical supplies in the trucks that travel our interstates. Good reasons to let them travel through Mississippi, officials say. Nobody seems to even be talking about restricting access to through traffic.

“Right now there are no plans, there are no discussions that we’re aware of taking place, of any kind of border checkpoint or closures or anything like that. No closures related to the pandemic going on statewide right now,” said Mississippi Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Flood.

The confusion comes from the fact that Florida and Texas are tightening their borders to visitors from places that experts are calling “coronavirus hot zones.”

But as a matter of fact, MDOT says it is trying to make Mississippi rest stops a more welcoming place for exhausted truckers as they carry their haul in spite of the pandemic.

“At our truckstops we are upping our sanitation efforts. We’ve got more shifts coming in to clean those restrooms out. So yeah, truckers, um we have had some positive feedback from our truckers coming through the state that are looking for a safe place to stop,” Flood said.

Social media has also fed the inquiries and demands that Mississippians have leveled at MDOT. Flood says that’s one way you can do your part in helping: By simply using good judgement.

“I would stress not to believe everything you see on Facebook unless it comes from an official news agency or government, dot gov, CDC health organization, you know, things like that.”

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