‘Laughter is good for the soul’ says comedienne behind Quaratine Shuffle

Rita Brent debuts "Quarantine Shuffle"

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - We have all heard the saying laughter is good for soul. A popular Mississippi comedienne created a new music video amid the outbreak to help people smile during this tough time and it also urges them to protect themselves.

Thousands on social media are clicking what’s called the “Quarantine Shuffle.”

Mississippi comedienne Rita Brent came up with the idea and stars in the video she made here in her home state.

“For one thing, I was bored and we all have to practice social distancing," said Brent.

“I’m at home at my mom’s house and that’s like old-school anyway. So I was like what can I do to lighten everyone’s spirits, but they can be entertained from home, so I went in the driveway and I said you know what I’m going to come up with a Quarantine Shuffle.”

The entertaining three minute video features her family and friends doing everything from dancing to spraying Lysol.

“What we are doing is encouraging safe practices. In the song I am talking about washing your hands, staying in the house and covering your mouth. It is like a COVID-19 awareness song, but it is also one you can workout to and get your exercise in, but in the comfort your home."

Brent’s stand-up comedy and musical talents have been showcased around the country. She recently took her comedy to New York, but the spread of the coronavirus has impacted her career. She says it is frustrating problem so many people are facing right now.

“It has been a challenge. I make my living on stages and all the bars, all the clubs, everything is closed. But I'm having to adjust and I think as people that's what life is it is about. I just make the best out of the situation,” said Brent.

The video has gone viral.

That’s good news to this local comedian who is determined to use her comedy and musical gifts to help people get through this pandemic.

“Laughter is good for the soul and when I put a comedic product out there, I’m healing myself as well because I get mentally affected by this and sometimes it’s hard for me, but if I knew I could help someone else heal through comedy then I have done my job.”

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