Cleaning services taking financial hit from coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Mar. 30, 2020 at 11:23 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Professional cleaners are front lining the coronavirus.

”Before it was about getting it clean.. now it is about getting it clean but also disinfecting everything!” said Patty Cuenca.

Cuenca, the owner of Housecleaning Mississippi, and her staff are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

“My concern is wondering what will happen tomorrow?" she asks. "We are all new to this. I call or text all my customers each day and ask how they feel? If they want us to come or not.”

Life before the pandemic, Housecleaning Mississippi had on average 30 customers a week.

Now that number is less than 20.

“We have really slowed down," she says. "A lot of older people are scared to have any contact with others. Also, a lot of my clients are nurses. They are scared to have us come in contact to whatever they are dealing with.”

At the top of the list to disinfecting commonly touched items like doorknobs, light switches, mailboxes, and handrails. Here’s just a few more ways they are combating the virus.

“Before we go into a house we disinfect our shoes with Lysol sprayer. We make sure we are clean and use gloves and masks. We are chanign gloves in every house, not using rags, using paper towels and using mostly disposable stuff.”

But even after the bob is done, that doesn’t mean their troubles are over. They go the extra mile before they walk through their own doors.

“After we finish a house, we clean everything. All the bottles and the vacuums before we get it in the car. When I get home every day, I take everything off, take a shower and put it in the wash. Then I can say hello to my kids.”

Cleaning services face the dangers of exposure to the virus, but Cuenca says they do it for the better of their customers… helping in any way they can.

“I have so many elderly clients that are scared to go to the store.. I offer our help to go to the store for them or anything like that,” Cuenca says.

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