Adams Co. sheriff says he was in ‘disbelief’ at his COVID-19 diagnosis

Adams Co. sheriff says he was in ‘disbelief’ at his COVID-19 diagnosis

ADAMS Co., Miss. (WLBT) - Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten is urging Mississippians to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Less than 24 hours ago, Patten found out he now has coronavirus. He tells WLBT that having the virus is a nightmare.

“I am the sheriff of Adams County and I got the virus, and I want people to know if I can get you can get it," Patten said.

He is known as the head law enforcer in Adams County, so when his body was attacked by the coronavirus he couldn’t believe it.

"I think it happened to be a witness to others that you can walk around and be healthy and truly not be. If somebody like myself can get it and has not been out of town in three months, then think about you,” said Patten.

The sheriff says 12 days ago his body began aching and he developed a fever. He was then tested twice for the flu and the results came back negative, so he thought it was just allergies until he developed a bad cough and has a hard time breathing.

“I felt like like I had fluid on my chest and someone was sitting on me," he said.

Wednesday he was tested for COVID 19, and Sunday he got the results back he didn't want to hear.

“I was really in disbelief at first and the lady was like, ‘No, Mr. Patten you have COVID-19.’ And when she said it several times that is when the reality set in for me now."

Patten has been in self-quarantine since being tested and says the recovery hasn’t been easy.

“If I do go outside and the cold air hits me, it will make me cough... so I have been staying in the house as much as possible because I am not out of the woods just yet, but I feel a lot better than I did a week ago."

He is urging others to protect themselves and to not take this virus lightly.

“That is why I’m doing this video today. To let people know if you don’t have to leave your house, stay at home, take this seriously and wash your hands and make sure you’re wiping down everything that you come in contact with. Even if you feel the symptoms, go get tested,” said Patten.

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