Teacher parade reconnects teachers and their students with social distancing

Teachers ride through Ridgeland to reconnect with students

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Librarian Delila Vance says the teachers at Ann Smith and Highland elementary schools wanted to make sure their kids knew how much they missed them.

Vance says teachers saw the idea of a teacher parade on Facebook and wanted to make it theirs, hoping it would be a fun way to reconnect with their kids after weeks out of class.

“I think it might be more exciting for us. We just miss them so much and it’s like they say, you don’t know how much you miss something until they’re not there with you," said Vance. "And we just love our babies and we miss them so much and I think that we’re as excited as they are.”

April Stringfellow and her children Bailey and Landon camped out on the curb, waiting to see their favorite educators.

“So we got notifications from our teachers at Ann Smith and Highland that they would be doing the parade, so we walked over and we’re here to enjoy and see our teachers,” Stringfellow said.

Jamie Lee Moore and her sister Mary Grace Moore brought Mary Grace’s daughter Finley out in hopes of seeing Ms. Kelly, Finley’s favorite teacher. Moore teaches at Old Towne Middle School, and she says parade organizers went above and beyond to do this for their students because they are as busy now as they are during regular classes.

“We are putting in so much work behind the scenes, from being in a classroom, which is an environment that we know extremely well, to having to put everything online and make it as successful as possible to this many students, and it has been a real undertaking,” said Jamie Lee.

It’s not clear if Ms. Kelly eventually made it past Finley’s parade spot, but she saw a lot of her other teachers.

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