Recycling businesses taking more precautions while collecting items during COVID-19 outbreak

Precautions for recyclers during coronavirus outbreak

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Small businesses are having to adjust, increasing personal safety in the wake of COVID-19.

One metro area recycling company is working longer days and nights to protect the planet and themselves as they keep your glass, plastics, paper and more from ending up in our landfills.

“I think that it’s very very serious,” said Faith Young with Door2Door Recycling. “We’re having to take these precautions”.

The Gluckstadt business owner is committed to the mission her family started seven years ago of saving the environment and teaching their children to protect the earth.

But recycling collection is getting tougher since the Coronavirus outbreak.

"When we get ready to sort it because we sort everything by hand we actually have to take the bags, lift them open and then we have to put them in a container and let them air out. So we have multiple stations now where normally we would just have one station," said Young.

Door2Door is filling a much needed gap.

Jackson resident Susan Shands Jones had stored eight bags of recycling when Jackson stopped curbside recycling.

"The City of Jackson is getting more trash because we can't recycle, and I live by myself and usually have more recycling than I do trash," said Jones. "So I would tell people that they need to encourage others and their friends to start recycling because it's better for our city".

The recycling coalition has handed down stricter guidelines since the spread of COVID-19.

“Cardboard, the virus can stay on it for us to 24 hours. The plastic, the metal, the stainless steel it can stay anywhere from two to four days,” said Young. “When you’re doing recycling you’re actually sorting it inside a building so that means the virus is actually living inside the place. We have to be in open space to actually have to make sure that the virus does not come on us”.

Young said some companies have stopped temporarily while they continue collecting taking extra measures to stay safe.

Door2Door shipped 40,000 pounds of glass to College Park, Georgia this week.

The mom and pop operation plans to remain dedicated to helping the country reuse and re-purpose while teaching their children the importance of recycling.

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