Surviving Motherhood: Keeping the kids fed while they’re home from school

Surviving Motherhood: Keeping the kids fed while they're home from school

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Parents, are your kids eating you out of house and home while they’re home away from school?

A savvy mom on Facebook posted a cool technique for keeping her kids fed.

Welcome to the life of a working mom during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’m gonna show you how I’m keeping these kids from eating me out of house and home," WLBT’s Melissa Faith Payne explained while trying out the technique. "Excuse my hat but there is no judgement here we are all in this together.”

“So I saw this on Facebook, there was a lady who took buckets and she filled the buckets with snacks," she said. "The kids could come and get the snacks as they wanted throughout the day. Each bucket is labeled and yes, they are Easter buckets that I got for 99 cents at Walgreens.”

“Each child’s bucket is labeled with their name on the bucket. These are leftover snacks that each child didn’t eat from the other day. So I got granola bars from Costco... two... two... two.. alright... good job. We are also using rice crispy treats. Of course I have fruit, everyone in this house likes oranges so everybody gets two... Everyone likes yogurt... and you can actually freeze these and then they’ll stay cold longer... two two and two.”

“So... here’s a look at what our final product looked like and the kids can eat from the bucket all day long. I even got some of those mini bottles of water so they can drink and once the bucket is gone, it’s gone. And if the child eats all of his snacks up by 9 a.m. well, they are out of luck until tomorrow.”

Let me say this, those snacks come in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which I do cook and yes those snacks could be healthier... I’ll do better next week. Consider this as my trial an error run..."

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