MEA Clinics launch telehealth in the fight against COVID-19

MEA Clinics launch telehealth in the fight against COVID-19

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - MEA Clinics have another tool in the fight against the escalating cases of Coronavirus.

Patients can now see doctors via telehealth, giving them more access to care while keeping them from potential exposure to the virus.

“We’re triaging the patients when they call the clinic,” said Dr. Amy Holmann. “We’re talking to them just to make sure it’s appropriate for a tele-visit”.

MEA Clinics launched telehealth Monday and since that time have discovered five COVID-19 cases.

The clinics operate under St. Dominic’s, which has seen 16 cases through telehealth visits.

Dr. Amy Holmann practices family medicine and is medical director at MEA’s Spillway location.

“If somebody has symptoms and they’re concerned about it being COVID they’ll be given a telemedicine visit and they can talk to the provider, and they may be instructed to stay home and stay safe and threat their symptoms,” said Holmann. “If they’re a low risk and not very ill, they may be instructed to come into one of our clinics”.

Through telehealth physicians are seeing patients using the Zoom platform which can be done on an app, on a cellphone, or a computer with web cam access.

“We’re offering the telemedicine for our patients for refills on medications, as well as some other acute type visits or chronic type visits and also for the COVID type symptoms,” the physician added.

As of Tuesday MEA Clinics conducted more than 200 tele-visits.

St. Dominic’s saw about 1,800 patients through telehealth.

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